Engineering Library, Hubbard Park, Carver College of Medicine, Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, VA Medical Center, Carver Hawkeye Arena, UIHC, Kinnick Stadium, Finkbine Golf Course, Walden Square, Willow Creek Park, Ernest Horn Elementary School, Villa Park

STOPS CLOSED! Inbound Bus stops 8206 and 8207 on Hawkins Dr. are closed due to construction in the area. Temporary Stops have been placed on Melrose Ave. just after the Railroad Bridge and on Hawkins Dr. just past Stadium Dr. inbound to Downtown.
No Buses Running




Number Name
0001Downtown Interchange
7082Washington Street and Madison Street
0146English Philosophy Building, IMU
0263UI Student Health
0257Newton Road Ramp
0253VA Hospital - Newton Rd
8200Dental College
0241Carver Hawkeye Arena
8203UI Main Hospital, Kinnick Stadium
8205Hawkins Drive and Melrose Avenue
8105Melrose Avenue and Golfview Avenue
8107Melrose Avenue and George Street
8208Melrose Avenue and Sunset Street
8209Melrose Avenue and Emerald Street
8211Melrose Avenue and Westgate Street
8213Melrose Avenue and Macbride Road
8215Melrose Avenue and Finkbine Lane
8222Westwinds Drive and Willowwind Place
8224Westwinds Drive and Roberts Road
8226Pheasant Ridge Neighborhood Center


Number Name
8227Bartelt Road and Morman Trek Blvd.
8228Walden Plaza
8291Benton Street and Jema Court
8232Benton Street and Spencer Drive
8233Benton Street and Keswick Drive
8234Benton Street and Westgate Street
8237Horn Elementary
8238Denbigh Drive and Hafor Drive
8239Denbigh Drive and Penkridge Drive
8240Denbigh Drive and Sunset Street
8243Sunset Street and Kineton Green
8245Sunset Street and Arbury Drive
8246Benton Street and Sunset Street
8236Horn Elementary
8249Westgate Street and Westgate Court
8250Westgate Street Midblock
8252Westgate Street and Keswick Drive
8212Westgate Street and Melrose Avenue
8210IC Fire Station
8150Melrose Avenue and Sunset Street
8108Melrose Avenue and George Street
8106Melrose Avenue and Koser Avenue
8207Ramp 2, Pappajohn& Pomerantz
8206UI Main Hospital, Kinnick Stadium
8204UI Center for Disabilities, Dental College
8202Carver Hawkeye Arena
8201Dental College
0254VA Hospital
0145English Philosophy Building, IMU
7090Iowa Avenue and Madison Street