Main Library, Engineering Library, Gibson Square, Iowa College of Law, Sturgis Ferry Park, Iowa City Airport

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Number Name
0001Downtown Interchange
7080UI Main Library
8000Hydraulics Lab, Boyd Law School
8004Riverside Drive and Riverside Court
8002Riverside Drive and Myrtle Avenue
8005Benton Street and Riverside Drive
8007Benton Street and Giblin Drive
8008Benton Street and Hudson Avenue
8009Miller Avenue and Hwy 1 West
8011The Lodge Apartments
8013Westport Plaza 1
8014Westport Plaza 2
8012Ruppert Road and Hwy 1 West
8010Hwy 1 West and Miller Avenue
8016Gateway Center, Iowa City Transit
8018Riverside Drive and Ruppert Road
8020Iowa City Airport
8021Colonial Lanes
8022Riverside Drive/ Old Hwy 218 and South Riverside Drive
8023Thatcher/Baculus Trailer Park


Number Name
8024South Riverside Drive and Commercial Drive
8019South Riverside Drive and Ruppert Road
8017Gateway Center, Iowa City Transit
8006Riverside Drive and Benton Street
8003Riverside Drive and Myrtle Avenue
8001Hydraulics Lab, Boyd Law School
7079UI Lindquist Center
7081Madison Street and Washington Street