Free Shuttle South

Main Library, Engineering Library, Gibson Square, Campus Wellness and Recreation Center, College Green Park, Iowa City City Hall

No Buses Running



Number Name
0002Downtown Interchange
7200IC Library, Senior Center
7201Washington Street and Gilbert Street
7456Washington Street and Van Buren Street
7457Washington Street and Dodge Street
7210Dodge Street and College Street
7458Dodge Street and Burlington Street
7459Dodge Street and Court Street
7460Dodge Street #4
7105Dodge Street and Bowery Street
7103Bowery Street and Johnson Street
7101Bowery Street and Van Buren Street
7100Bowery Street and Gilbert Street
7006Court Street and Maiden Lane
7003Court Street and Dubuque Street
7004Court Street Transportation Center
7078Court Street and Madison Street
7079UI Linquist Center
7081Madison Street and Washington Street