Oakcrest Night & Weekend

Effective Monday, April 11, the bus interchange will move from Old Capitol Town Center to Court Street next to the Court Street Transportation Center. Free shuttle service to the Pentacrest and Clinton Street will be provided.
Effective Monday, March 2, the Westport and Night and Sat. Oakcrest routes will begin detouring due to construction. Stops 8000 through 8005 on Riverside Dr. will not be serviced while the detour is in effect. Call 356-5151 for details.
Customers who use the UI Main Library stop will need to catch the outbound Oakcrest at the corner of Court and Madison (stop 7078) effective 4/11/2016.
No Buses Running




Number Name
0001Downtown Interchange
7080UI Main Library
8100UI Hospital Emergency Entrance
8101UI Family Care
8105Melrose Avenue and Golfview Avenue
8107Melrose Avenue and George Street
8109Sunset Street and Melrose Avenue
8111Sunset Street and Marietta Avenue
8113Sunset Street and Oakcrest Street
8115Oaknoll Retirement Center #1
8116Oaknoll Retirement Center #2
8117Oakcrest Street #3
8118Oakcrest Street and Woodside Drive
8119Oakcrest Street #5
8120Woodside Place and Greenwood Drive
8121Greenwood Drive and Benton Street
8122Seville Apartments
8123Benton Street and Oaknoll Drive
8124Benton Street and George Street
8125Benton Street and Streb Street
8126Sunset Street and Arbury Drive
8127Sunset Street and Penfro Drive
8128Sunset Street and Denbigh Drive
8129Sunset Street and Aber Avenue


Number Name
8013Westport Plaza 1
8014Westport Plaza 2
8012Ruppert Road and Hwy 1 West
8010Hwy 1 West and Miller Avenue
8015Hwy 1 West and Slagers
8006Riverside Drive and Benton Street
8003Riverside Drive and Myrtle Avenue
8001Hydraulics Lab, Boyd Law School
7079UI Lindquist Center
7081Madison Street and Washington Street