Main Library, Engineering Library, Gibson Square, UIHC, Kinnick Stadium

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Number Name
0001Downtown Interchange
7080UI Main Library
8100UI Hospital Emergency Entrance
8101UI Family Care
8105Melrose Avenue and Golfview Avenue
8107Melrose Avenue and George Street
8109Sunset Street and Melrose Avenue
8111Sunset Street and Marietta Avenue
8113Sunset Street and Oakcrest Street
8115Oaknoll Retirement Center #1
8116Oaknoll Retirement Center #2
8117Oakcrest Street #3
8118Oakcrest Street and Woodside Drive
8119Oakcrest Street #5


Number Name
8120Woodside Place and Greenwood Drive
8121Greenwood Drive and Benton Street
8122Seville Apartments
8123Benton Street and Oaknoll Drive
8124Benton Street and George Street
8125Benton Street and Streb Street
8114Sunset Street and Oakcrest Street
8112Sunset Street and Marietta Avenue
8110Sunset Street and Melrose Avenue
8108Melrose Avenue and George Street
8106Melrose Avenue and Koser Avenue
8104Melrose Avenue and Hawkins Drive
8102UI Family Care
8103Melrose Avenue and South Grand Avenue
7079UI Lindquist Center
7081Madison Street and Washington Street