North Dodge

Iowa City School District Administration, Hickory Hill Park, Happy Hollow Park, Horace Mann Elementary School, Mercy Hospital, Oakland Cemetary

Due to construction North Dodge buses ARE NOT able to service Northgate Drive. Customers can catch their bus at Pearson Main Entrance (stop 7521).
No Buses Running




Number Name
0002Downtown Interchange
7400Clinton Street and Jefferson Street
7401Jefferson Street and Linn Street
7402Jefferson Street and Van Buren Street
7403Jefferson Street and Dodge Street
7500Governor Street and Jefferson Street
7501Governor Street and Market Street
7502Governor Street and Davenport Street
7503Governor Street and Church Street
7504Governor Street and Brown Street
7505Governor Street
7506Governor Street and North Dodge Street
7507North Dodge Street and Summit Street
7508Hy Vee
7510Iowa City Press Citizen
7512North Dodge Street and Scott Blvd.
7513ACT #1
7514ACT #2
7515ACT #3
7516Northgate Drive #1
7517Northgate Drive #2
7518Pearson and Northgate Drive


Number Name
7520Northgate Drive #3
7521Pearson Main Entrance
7522Pearsons Drive and North Dodge Street
7523North Dodge Street and ACT Circle
7511Iowa City Press Citizen
7524North Dodge Street and Bristol Drive
7509Hy Vee
7525Prairie du Chien Road and North Dodge Street
7526Prairie du Chien Road and Caroline Court
7527Caroline Avenue and Prairie du Chien Road
7528Whiting Avenue and Kimball Road
7529Kimball Road and Kimball Court
7530Governor Street and Kimball Road
7531North Dodge Street #1
7532North Dodge Street #2
7533North Dodge Street and Brown Street
7534Horace Mann Elementary
7442North Dodge Street and Market Street
7443Mercy Hospital
7206Market Street and Linn Street
7207Clinton Street and Jefferson Street