Manville Heights Night & Weekend

University of Iowa Hillel, Mayflower Hall, Terrell Mill Park

No Buses Running




Number Name
0001Downtown Interchange
7082Washington Street and Madison Street
7091Dubuque Street and Market Street
7092Dubuque Street and Davenport Street
7093Dubuque Street and Church Street
8072Dubuque Street and Kimball Road
8074Mayflower Dorm
8076Dubuque Street and Ridge Road
8079Foster Road and Laura Drive
8083Foster Road and Idyllwild Drive
8085Foster Road and Algonquin Road
8087Foster Road and 900 Block
8088Foster Road and Swisher Street
8090Walker Circle and Moses Bloom Lane
8089Swisher Street and Foster Road


Number Name
8086Foster Road and Algonquin Road
8084Foster Road and Idyllwild Drive
8082Forest View Trailer Park
8080Laura Drive and Foster Road
8081Foster Road and Laura Drive
8078Foster Road and Dubuque Street
8077Dubuque Street and Taft Speedway
8075Mayflower Dorm
8073Dubuque Street and Park Road
7450Dubuque Street and Fairchild Street
7451Dubuque Street and Davenport Street
7452Dubuque Street and Bloomington Street
7453Dubuque Street and Market Street
7207Clinton Street and Jefferson Street