Old Capitol Center, Wetherby Park, Fairmeadows Park, Kirkwood Community College, Sycamore Mall

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Number Name
0002Downtown Interchange
7001US Post Office
7002Court Street and Dubuque Street
7005Court Street and Gilbert Street
7007Gilbert Street and Prentiss Street
7009Gilbert Street and Benton Street
7011Gilbert Street and Kirkwood Avenue
7014Gilbert Street and 3rd Avenue
7017Hy Vee
7019Boyrum Street and Southgate Avenue
7026Southgate Avenue and Keokuk Street
7028Keokuk Street and Cross Park Avenue
7030Sandusky Drive and Hickory Court
7032Sandusky Drive and Broadway Street
7038Sandusky Drive and Taylor Drive
7040Taylor Drive and Hollywood Blvd.
7041Hollywood Blvd. Mid -block
7042Hollywood Blvd. and Sycamore Street
7608Sycamore Street and Hollywood Blvd. (Evening Only)
7061Sycamore Mall (Evening Only)
7135Sycamore Mall Cinema Theater (Evening Only)
7123Lower Muscatine Avenue and Mall Drive (Evening Only)
7121Kirkwood Community College
7043Hollywood Blvd. and Delwood Drive
7044Hollywood Blvd. and Grantwood Street
7045Hollywood Blvd. and Fairmeadows Blvd.
7046Hollywood Blvd. and Frontage Road
7047Dolphin Point Enclave
7048Frontage Road and Lakeside Drive
7050Frontage Road


Number Name
7700Bon Aire Mobile Home Lodge
7051Riviera Drive and Frontage Road
7701Frontage Road and Lakeside Drive
7052Lakeside Drive and Nevada Avenue
7053Lakeside Drive and Whispering Prairie Avenue
7054Lakeside Drive and Miami Drive
7055Miami Drive and California Avenue
7056California Avenue and Union Avenue
7057Grantwood Elementary
7058California Avenue and Sycamore Street
7059Burns Avenue and California Avenue
7060Burns Avenue and Taylor Drive
7039Taylor Drive and Sandusky Drive
7033Sandusky Drive and Broadway Street
7031Sandusky Drive and Keokuk Street
7029Keokuk Street and Cross Park Avenue
7020Southgate Avenue and Boyrum Street
7018Hy Vee
7015Gilbert Street and 3rd Avenue
7012Gilbert Street and Kirkwood Avenue
7010Gilbert Street and Benton Street
7008Gilbert Street and Bowery Street
7006Court Street and Maiden Lane
7003Court Street and Dubuque Street
7004Court Street Transportation Center