Eastside Express

Old Capitol Center, Scott Park, Western Union, Regina Catholic Education Center, Mercy Hospital

No Buses Running




Number Name
0002Downtown Interchange
7327Court Street and Peterson Street
7328Court Street and Elmira Street
7329Court Street and Kenneth Drive
7330Court Street and Camden Road
7331Arlington Drive and Court Street
7332Arlington Drive and Cumberland Lane
7333Huntington Drive and Arlington Drive
7334Huntington Drive and Cardigan Lane
7335Huntington Drive and Court Street
7336Court Street and Camden Road
7337Ashford Place and Chadwick Place
7338Ashford Place and York Place
7339York Place and Brentwood Lane
7340Brentwood and Camden Street
7341Camden Road and Ashford Place


Number Name
7342Court Street and Kenneth Drive
7343Court Street and Lindeman Drive
7344Scott Park Drive and Elgin Drive
7345Regency Heights Apts.
7346Scott Blvd. and Lower West Branch Road
7347Lower West Branch Road and Middlebury Road
7423Rochester Avenue and Post Road
7421Rochester Avenue and 1st Avenue
7419Regina Education Center
7443Mercy Hospital
7206Market Street and Linn Street
7207Clinton Street and Jefferson Street