Court Hill

Old Capitol Center, the Englert Theatre, Herbert Hoover Elementary School, Court Hill Park

No Buses Running




Number Name
0002Downtown Interchange
7200IC Library, Senior Center
7201Washington Street and Gilbert Street
7241Burlington Street and Johnson Street
7245Burlington Street and Lucas Street
7247Burlington Street and Summit Street
7249Burlington Street and Muscatine Avenue
7301Court Street and Muscatine Avenue
7236Court Street and 7th Avenue
7303Court Street and Morningside Drive
7306City High School
7308Hoover Elementary
7310Court Street and 1st Avenue
7312Court Street and Upland Avenue
7314Court Street and Crestview Avenue
7315Court Street and Linden Court
7316Court Street and Westminster Street
7317Court Street and Dartmouth Street
7318Court Street and Friendship Avenue


Number Name
7321Friendship Avenue and Arbor Street
7322Friendship Avenue and Clover Street
7323Friendship Avenue and Norwood Circle
7324Friendship Avenue and Meadow Street
7325Friendship Avenue and Terrace Road
7326Upland Avenue and Crestview Avenue
7313Upland Avenue and Court Street
7311Court Street and 1st Avenue
7309Court Street and 2nd Avenue
7307City High School
7304Court Street and Morningside Drive
7237Court Street and 7th Avenue
7302Court Street and Muscatine Avenue
7250Muscatine Avenue and Burlington Street
7248Burlington Street and Summit Street
7246Burlington Street and Lucas Street
7242Burlington Street and Johnson Street
7243IC Recreation Center
7244Burlington Street and Dubuque Street