Engineering Library, Main Library, Gibson Square, Campus Recreation and Wellness Center, Sycamore Mall, Highland Park

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Number Name
0001Downtown Interchange
7080UI Main Library
7077Court Street and Capitol Street
7075Capitol Street and Prentiss Street
7073City Carton
7013Kirkwood Avenue and Gilbert Street
7014Gilbert Street and 3rd Avenue
7025Hills Bank, Aldi
7024Gilbert Street and Stevens Drive
7023Southgate Avenue and Gilbert Street
7022Southgate Avenue and Waterfront Drive
7021Southgate Avenue and Boyrum Street
7026Southgate Avenue and Keokuk Street
7034Crosspark Avenue #1
7035Crosspark Avenue and Broadway Street
7036Broadway Street #1
7037Goodwill, Kmart
7061Sycamore Mall
7062Kirkwood College - Sycamore St


Number Name
7063Kirkwood College - Highland Ave
7064Highland Avenue and Pine Street
7065Highland Avenue and Franklin Street
7066Highland Avenue and Ridge
7067Highland Avenue and Lukurk Street
7068Highland Avenue and Keokuk Street
7069Highland Avenue and Boyrum Street
7070Highland Avenue and Gilbert Court
7016Highland Avenue and Gilbert Street
7750Kirkwood Avenue and Gilbert Street
7071Benton Street and Clinton Street
7072Benton Street and Capitol Street
7074Capitol Street and Prentiss Street
7076Capitol Street and Harrison Street
7078Court Street and Madison Street
7079UI Lindquist Center
7081Madison Street and Washington Street